Reisen ist nicht immer einfach!

Gerade wenn man so verpeilt ist wie ich manchmal und trotzdem mit der Bahn reist.
Entweder die Bahn kommt zu spät, oder ich!

It’s not ever easy to travel without car. Especially when you are sometimes so verpeilt like me… But also with car it is’nt sometimes. So i am still learning and aim to be very flexible, because my Beförderungsmittel are’nt as flexible, or in another Way flexible as i.

I am on my Way from my homebase, (which is a little bit tricky for traveling) to Weimar, Erfurt, Jena and Chemnitz, which are really nice destinations!

I like to be there in my old home, with earlier colleagues, which got very good friends to me. I will visit my best friend and travel companion Anita too…

So happy to See them all!

What are you doing at the weekends before Christmas and till New Year!?
Tell it to me… 🙂